Wednesday, March 27, 1985

14th: Top Senior High Schools In Ghana For 2018

14. St. Thomas Aquinas – Accra

The school is situated opposite the European Union offices and the Civil Service Training School, laying between the Cantonment Police Station to its south and TheEmbassy of Togo to its north, with close proximity to the prime area of the commercial and administrative hub of Osu's Oxford Street.

In September 1963, the school relocated to its present permanent site.

Aquinas has ties with its sister school, Accra Girl's Senior High School, with a strong bond of students association, which is aimed at sharing entertainments, social activities, and educational exchange, called STAAGA (St. Thomas Aquinas Accra Girls Association).

The school was recognized as government-assisted by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) to present candidates for the Ordinary Level Examination in 1957, when Rev. Father John McKillip became headmaster.

In November 1955, Fr Hotze presented the first candidate for the School Certificate Examination and had 100%. 

One candidate was presented and one candidate passed; and this was a feather in his cap