Thursday, December 18, 2014

"I’m trying to Teach Samini How to Do Business" - Shatta Wale

Dancehall act Shatta Wale ahead of Decemba to Rememba was on CITIFM talking about stardom, Samini and calling his dad the Shatta Capo.

“I like my dad for his support and willingness to work on my company and I even call him the Shatta Capo. I made him understand Shatta Capo means a serious person and anytime we walk into a meeting he introduces himself as the Shatta Capo.”

Answering a question on the seeming beef between him and Samini and the High Grade Family Shirt he wore last Friday at the S Concert, the Everybody Like My Thing singer said;

"I’m happy you asked me this question, a lot of people are misunderstanding what I’m doing. Samini is a great artist and I respect him a lot. Samini is one youth that I believe has done a lot in the Ghana music industry and he has really brought Ghanaians good music and performances.

"I really admire him a lot and I keep respecting him a lot but you know this is business. He should just understand one thing, I don’t have any personal issues with him. I really believe the lyrics I sing is just plain lyrics.

"I just want him to reach out so we do something. Just imagine Samini and I headlining a concert at the stadium. We will get something great out of it for our families and do something better with our lives.

"The more Samini and his camp take things personal, the more issues come out. This Friday for instance, I went on stage with a High Grade Family T-Shirt and I can’t believe bloggers writing stuff like I was begging Samini and I am like No!; I’m trying to teach him how to do business. It’s not that I really love him so much, I’m just saying "hey brother, we can do this and make money out of it".

But for him, he sees this whole thing like Shatta Wale doesn’t like me. You wouldn’t see Kuffuor sitting with Rawlings or Mahama sitting with Akuffo Addo. It’s nothing personal. It’s business. When you take it personal, that’s when you get the fans on the edge and tensed up thinking anytime we the two artists meet, there will be pushing and shoving. I want to take this opportunity to tell Samini to think about the business aspect of this. And it's better we make it happen than take it personal."

"I’m full of lyrics and so let’s connect and do business." The award winning act concluded.