Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Video: President Mahama Dances To “Yentie Obiaa”, Again,

Ghana is a very funny country. The country men are suffering and the leaders who are in charge either have no clue or don’t seem to care. President Mahama’s convoy was spotted earlier this year loudly playing Daddy Lumba’s song “Yentie Obiaa“, meaning “we won’t listen to your complaints”. The issue went viral.

It seems Mahama is bent on the words of the song that he won’t listen to the numerous complaints by Ghanaians concerning the people’s cry for good leadership, jobs, reliable electricity, reduced fuel prices and a reduction in corruption within his government.

Yesterday after, the inauguration of the expanded Kumasi Airport, President Mahama, Otumfour among others decided to celebrate and they played his favorite song. Watch how they danced to the song.


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