Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Man of Vision: Check out Photos Of Ashesi University’s New Engineering Building

Ashesi University is an independent liberal art college started by ex Microsoft employee Patrick Awuah.

The engineering building (shown in a rendering above) is designed to accommodate 300 students after it opens in August 2015 and to complement Ashesi’s other degree programs in business and computer science.

“We think this is an opportunity for job growth and innovative new solutions, and it’s a great mix with the computer science and business majors because they can work together as a team,” said Ruth Warren, a Seattle-based trustee of the school.

Patrick left Microsoft in the late 90s to start the university in Ghana; the first class began in 2002. The school moved in 2011 from a rented space to its own campus which now has about 600 students but room to grow eventually to perhaps 2,000 students.

Photo credit: OMGGhana