Thursday, May 7, 2015

"We can’t stay quiet any longer, #DumsorMustStop" - Van Vicker

Read what he posted on Facebook below:

We have gotten to that point where we can no longer stay quiet because we have given our leaders the benefit of the doubt to solve dumsor but the situation has only gotten worse.
I am distressed because authorities saw this coming but looked us in the face and told us 'stories'. Stories we didn't want to believe but took their word.
Now many nights as i turn into my neighborhood, I see blackness all around and I think to myself 'how in God's name did we get to this point?' As frustrating as the economy is dumsor has come to exacerbate our plight.
With our hard earned money we have to buy a generator, inverter or solar panels when same cash could be put in an investment to better our lives.
Where is the sense of empathy from our rulers? We are getting laid off by our employers. TV advertisers are withdrawing their commercials because people don't watch TV much no more. Movies purchasing power has declined some more; if you hardly have lights why purchase the movies? We film makers have serious production and post production challenges because of dumsor.
It's unfortunate for anyone to say that celebrities are advocating for‪#‎dumsormuststop because of our comfortability. It's far beyond that. It's all stressful and a waste of time on basics that shouldn't take up limited time.
It's rather pathetic and unforgiving that we have to plan our lives and businesses around dumsor.
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