Friday, July 17, 2015

"Solar Powered" Patent filed; Your next iPhone might never need charging

It's the news millions of Apple fans have been waiting for – an iPhone that never runs out of juice.

According to 9to5 mac, Apple is working on a concept to place solar technology under the screen.

This would allow the iPhone to get a constant charge from the sun and avoid you having to ever go near a plug again.

Apple has already applied for a patent on this new tech and, in the future, it could charge all of its products including the Macbook and iPads.

Apple iPhoneSUN: The next iPhone could be solar powered [PH] 

With smartphone battery life still a major issue this solar technology could be a killer feature in future.

It's unclear when we might start seeing solar screens and it should be noted that many of Apple's patents never make it to final products.