Friday, July 24, 2015

"This Is Why I Turned Down The Ghc50,000 Glo Deal" - Wiyaala

Singer, Wiyaala has explained

“Mathematics it doesn’t really add up considering the price I charge currently for my show. If you put them together and even if I perform five to ten shows in a year, I should be able to make that amount they are offering me. So I think that offer is too small for my brand.
A lot goes into branding and since my brand has been able to attract them, they should know that I take it very seriously.
It wasn’t just the money which was small but the contract will make you restricted from other competitors and let’s be honest, in Ghana, we know a lot of the shows are been organized by other telcos, so it means I will be missing out and there are other things that you won’t be doing so it is more like they will sign you and you’re their property.
At this point in my career I think I’m just rising and for them to just give me that amount, it won’t benefit me. If they really want me to be their ambassador, then they should up their game and let’s talk business”.