Tuesday, August 4, 2015

PHOTOS: Asian Parents Buy Clothes With Swear Words Because They Don’t Understand English

Parents are snapping up clothing for their kids covered in inappropriate language – because they don’t understand what it says.

The clothing, shown here with sayings like, “$ex for money” and “too drunk to f***”, are being worn by children as young as eight in Asia because they can’t read the English.

Photo: Slogan shopper: The dress wearer is seemingly oblivious to the message on her pretty pink dress
 BossOfGuns / Imgur

Blue language: From the offensive to the blasphemous, but this little boy has no idea

According to Shanghaiist, the garments have caused a debate after someone took pictures of them in a mall in Luoyang, Henan in China and circulated them online.

A man identified only as Mr Guo said that he picked out a baseball cap emblazoned with the words ‘F*** you pay me’ for his son, but his son refused it because he knew the meaning.

Too young: This little boy smiles in his ‘wake up m***********’, while this little girl has no idea what her top says
Family matters: It’s not just little ones – adults are being conned too, because they don’t speak English

The retail assistant in the shop also had no idea of the meaning.

There are also dresses saying ‘i am a whore’, sweaters reading ‘who the f*** is Jesus?’ and most disturbingly little girls’ pink T-shirts reading ‘jail bait.
Obscene messages: the consumer protections in China mean that these people should not be sold vulgar items
Worrying tend: A little girl in a ‘touch me now’ top is not only worrying, it’s growing more common

These are broadly thought to be against China’s Consumer Protection law, which dictates that costumers are ‘entitled to be treated with dignity’.

They are allowed by law to return items if they find they contain swear words or vulgar phrases.

Source: Mirror UK