Tuesday, January 12, 2016

PHOTO: Dad sends message to daughter's boyfriend in the most hilarious way possible.

A hilarious dad made good on his threat to his daughter's boyfriend in the most hilarious way possible.

After telling the boy, "Whatever you do to my daughter, I'll do to you," Benjamin Schock photobombed their homecoming pictures, wrapping his arms around the boyfriend's waist in an unforgettable photo.
Schock Photography

Benjamin Schock hilariously photobombed his daughter's homecoming dance photo shoot.

"I had my daughter go up and she was going to do some poses with her boyfriend, and my husband made a silly side comment, whatever he does to her, he's gonna do to him," - Benjamin Schock's wife said
"And he did the pose with his arms around her waist. And then my husband went over there and wrapped his arms around her boyfriend!"

"My daughter walked away and said, 'Oh my gosh, Mom don't take a picture!' So of course I did," Schock added.
Schock Photography
Ricarra Schock with her boyfriend.

Schock, who's a photographer, put the hilarious photo next to the photo of her 15-year-old daughter, Ricarra, and her boyfriend in the same pose, and posted it on Facebook.

"Within a week, it was viral," she said. "We thought it was hilarious, we just didn't think everyone else would, too!"

As for her husband, Schock said he's not really an overprotective dad — just a joker.

"I would say he's more silly than overprotective," she said. "He's the biggest kid of them all. He's the guy who goes to the grocery store and makes ten friends."

Schock Photography