4 - The 14 Richest Men in Ghana; 2017 Edition


CEO: Kencity
Status: Millionaire

He is believed to be a millionaire but many has questioned his source of riches. Kennedy Agyapong made his millions during the Kuffour Regime, when he was made an MP. Kennedy Agypong claims he made his first million dollars from the the NES (currently called the US Visa Lottery) where he shipped over 257 Ghanaians to the USA and charged each one of them $5,000.

He owns more than 10 houses in Ghana and 14 companies including a media empire,
Oman FM, 
Net 2 TV, 
Mina D’oro Ventures, 
Super Care Limited and 
Messrs Imperial World Business Limited. 

Ken said in an interview that he has more than $10Million dollars in his account and none of that is borrowed, he worked hard for it all and describes his success story as from grass to grace.