15th: Top Senior High Schools In Ghana For 2020

15. University Practice Senior High School

University Practice Senior High School was the “brain child” of the Faculty of Education, University of Cape Coast. The dream became a reality when the Ghana Education Service warmly accepted the idea.

Initially, the Faculty of Education wanted the school to be its practice school, where students from the University could do their teaching practice.

However, it was to run along the same lines as other secondary schools in the public system.

The School was formally opened on 23rd October, 1976 with 70 students to start the Senior High School programme. 

In addition, 42 students were admitted for the lower sixth form, Arts and Science courses.

Thus, the total number of the pioneers was 112. There were 12 classrooms and a science laboratory.

At that time, science and Arts were the only programmes offered in the school.

The school also relied heavily on the University faculties particularly the libraries and science laboratories.