Be Safe. Enjoy your flight from the Africa International Airport,Africa.

Recent comments from one of the world's most successful business men Mr. Donald Trump via his Twitter showed utter disapproval of President Obama's choice not to ban flight from Africa but instead increase the level of Ebola check points in the countries airports.

Donald tweeted

And from the looks of things he's not the only one calling for the ban of flights from Africa. The call, which became more incessant at the weekend, is been considered as the best solution to prevent the disease from spreading any further in the states.

Last Saturday, October 12, at the immigration point at the John F Kennedy Airport in New York, the reluctance of some Americans became evident when some Ghanaian Passengers on board a Delta Airline flight from Ghana were almost denied service.

The female officers in particular were reluctant to serve Ghanaians for fear of catching the disease. They didn't even want to touch their passports.

But one thing they've failed to realized is not everybody in Africa has Ebola and only 4 of the 54 + 1* countries in Africa have recorded cases of Ebola. Even with that, 2 of the 4 countries, Nigeria and Senegal have been declared Ebola free by WHO.

So why the generalization and discrimination ? Because technically speaking shouldn't Ghanaians and citizens of other Ebola free countries be scared of the Americans instead since they've recorded 3 cases already and have 6 other people under review

There's no doubt that if the ban of flights become effective , the already dying economy of African countries will be badly affected .

But hey. Before Obama caves and implements the ban, let me just enjoy my flight from Africa International Airport, Africa.