Interview tips for medical schools

If the panel uses an objective structured assessment, you can be sure that a huge chunk of your marks will come from the Q&A section of the interview.

Format of the Questions

The questions you'll be asked may be different from that of every other interviewee. However, there are some questions that will run through. Questions are also repeated over many years of conducting medical interviews. So as it is with every other school exam, an important key to being successful is using past questions.

To help you in this regard, we have included a bank of the commonly asked interview questions which you can access with the links provided in the Appendix. We have also included links to other websites that provide similar resources.

Our AspiringDoc forums will also guide you on how best to answer these .While the second book in this series provides a guide to answering the questions, we always advice you compliment it with the live discussions on the AspiringDoc platforms. This will provide you with a more detailed and personalized approach.

The questions usually cover:

 Background & Motivation

 Knowledge of the Medical School

 Medical Ethics and law

 BasicSciences:

 Current affairs:

 Social Studies: