Happily Ever After

He sat behind the table, and right across from her and dammit, he couldn't help himself from getting lost in those eyes. They seemed to drink him in, and this time he'd let himself be drawn right in. It didn't matter that all this time, he'd lied that she wasn't the one for him. Now, it was a secret that had become too heavy for his insides. If she picked up the signals today, then so be it. There'd be no lying to her anymore. He'd do the right thing and 'fess up. Tell her how madly and deeply he'd fallen for her. How much it killed him to think of her in another man's arms, crying on another man's shoulders, having someone who wasn't him in her 2 a.m thoughts, promising her forever to another.

Screw his feelings of insecurity. There wasn't a damn thing he could do about not being good enough for her. God knew she drove him nuts trying to be his best for her. He planned to keep right on trying even if it drove him crazy. Screw the fact that the ring he had for her in his pocket could not live up to the expensive jewellery she'd grown up owning. He had emptied his susu account for this, and only fate knew how he was going to save all that money again. Screw that. He needed to right things first with his heart. Maybe later, his world would follow suit.

She stared right back at him, eyes unwavering. Full of questions. Full of emotion. Swelling with the one thing he could identify with, had been identifying with for a while: Love so raw and full. The moment was theirs. Never mind that his master was waiting for them to load passengers. Or that, flies were having a good time on his untouched plate of waakye.

He had her. She had him. They had each other and they had love. Hopefully, they'd have it happily ever after.

By Edith Smart