Adebayor's Family Accuses Tottenham Star of Total Neglect: Sacks Mum From His House

One would have thought that having a rich and famous close relative would mean a good bye kiss to poverty and hardship but that is not so for Adebayor's family, both in Ghana and Togo.

Elder sister of the most decorated football star in the Togo, Emmanuel Adebayor says he has neglected his family for a very long time and has no choice but to resort to the media because of the fact that the Tottenham Hotspur attacker has sent his biological mother packing from his house.

In an exclusive interview with Peace FM's Power Sports, Maggie as she is called stated that Adebayor dragged his mother out of the house and since then he has been very cruel to the family especially his mother and the rest of his siblings by not taking care of their needs. “ at now, our mother is selling polythene bags, padlocks and other things on the border (Ghana/Togo frontier).

Our mother has not seen him for more than a year and he rejects her calls anytime...our mother is not calling him for his money; she just wants to see him because she loves him very much”.

A report by peacefmonline