Ama Boahemaa Is A Fraudster – Nkosuohene

Ghanaian born German-based presenter, Francis Frimpong-Manson popularly known as Nkosuohene who interviewed gospel musician Ama Boahema has described her as a fraudster. This comes after the ace gospel musician accused the presenter of editing her pictures to mock her on social media networks.

The musician who was not happy when her pictures which surfaced online weeks ago showed that she has bleached, threatened to sue Nkosuohene for filtering the pictures. According to Ama Boahema, Nkosuohene did that to gain fame for himself.

Nkosuohene who could not take the backlash by the gospel musician in an interview on Spice FM in Takoradi denied ever editing the pictures of the gospel musician. He said in the interview that Ama Boahemaa is the least celebrity he has ever interviewed and would never do such a thing to her.

“I don’t have any issue with Ama Boahemaa, but I am surprised she told lies to Captain Smart on Adom FM that I want to become popular through her. Moreover, I have been pestering her for an interview for about two years. I had wanted to ask her how old she was last two years. You came to Germany to give birth. Look …. there are so many issues about Ama Boahemaa which I don’t even want to talk about.
You can book a show appointment with Ama Boahemaa; pay her, but she will never show up at the event. That’s how she is. She has been doing this to some people in Germany, France and so on.
I can give you these people’s contact numbers, and trust me, they won’t hesitate to speak. She even defrauded Stacey of TV3. You can call Stacey’s mother in Ghana and ask her what Ama Boahemaa did to her. But it’s her private matter, so I don’t care. You understand? When this issue came up, we were all trying to cover things up, but if you try to embarrass me publicly, I won’t allow.
How could you say I want to take advantage of you to become popular? I didn’t even take advantage of Sarkodie, Bisa Kdei, Liwin and the likes to become popular when I hosted them. There is no way Ama Boahemaa can make me popular because I have already made the fame.”