Basket mouth dumps girlfriend for sitting on 2face’s laps

Popular Nigerian comedian Basketmouth has revealed that his relationship ended after his girlfriend refused to leave with him after sitting on 2Face’s laps.

Narrating his breakup with his girlfriend, he recalled that he brought pop group, Plantashun boiz, to his school back then in 1998, to perform and when they came, he took his girlfriend to meet them without knowing that she was a big fan of the group especially 2Baba.

Basketmouth further revealed that immediately the girl saw 2Baba also known as 2Face, she went to sit on his laps and the singer was thinking maybe he had brought a lady for him and to his surprise, they started chatting and when he asked her to come so that they could leave, she refused stating that they should hang around for a while and that was the end of the relationship.

Ace Nigerian comedian, Basketmouth, has revealed that though he is a hustler, but was pushed into comedy by his former girlfriend just to prove to her that he can actually make it in life like other successful people.

Basketmouth explained that he was doing comedy then but as an event organizer and not a top flight comedy the way he does now, noting that he does not do comedy for money but still has bills to pay at the same time.

Speaking about fame, the comedian explained that the society as grown with a mentality that as a celebs, they must drop something for them wherever they meet these fans, noting that it has not been easy but he is cool because he can go out and get things for himself without sending anybody.

“I don’t have problem giving but if we do that every day, it’s not nice and when we don’t do that it, it becomes violent.”

Source: Nigeriafilms