"D-Black Never Helped Me" - Dee Moneey As He Talks About His Split With D-Black

Most times, with issues like this, people usually say that, there about four truths, what both parties know, what the gossips know and what the real truth is, D-Black was asked why he didn’t move on with Dee Moneey again after he scored his hit song “Kpo Kpo O Body”. His answer was the coated answer that celebrities give.

Dee Moneey was on the Late Night Celebrity Show with Giovani Caleb on eTV and he was asked why the split, below is what he said and we quote.

All those comments, I heard them but truth is, traveling to Channel O Africa Awards; I paid my own tickets and the other crew members also paid for themselves.”
Regarding people’s assumptions that D Black spent hefty amounts flying the team around the world, Dee Monney diffused it saying;
When you say he blew money on us, I don’t understand that because at that same time I was even paying for the mass production of my CDs and more.
And with Kpokpo O Body, I financed everything.

On how BAM helped his career, the rapper revealed:

Before I answer that question, I just want to say I am still waiting for that record label that will give you an upfront cheque for all your rounds as an artist, because in Ghana, there is nothing like you have been signed and you get a huge advance cheque.
Out there, they give you everything but at Black Avenue Music, I don’t even know what to call it, it was just partnership and helping build Black Avenue Music because when I came up, I was the youngest and people don’t believe when I mention my age.
That whole moment was about me financing my own videos, travels and more but the help I got…
Truth is when I came, D was just starting Black Avenue, so it wasn’t like he created an empire and I walked into it.
I can’t really say he helped or not but to some extent I think he helped in putting the name out there a bit because he helped arrange some few interviews here and there.
But when it came to the real deal, Charley D Black knows I was handling it.
But it’s all love; because I don’t hold grudges.
It’s about two years now since the split and I haven’t really spoken about this issue. People said a lot about me being ungrateful and disrespectful but they didn’t know the real issues. And they also forgot I joined Black Avenue just when D started building it. It’s been tough.

So who is telling the truth now? D-Black or Dee Moneey?

Originally posted on OMGGhana