Dumsor won’t end now – VRA

The Volta River Authority (VRA) has indicated that the flow of gas at the Gas Processing plant in Atuabo will not reduce or stop the load shedding completely.

Natural gas started flowing from the Jubilee Fields to the Atuabo Gas Processing Plant on Monday, November 10, 2014.

The gas is expected to help reduce the rate at which power is rationed in the country.

A Deputy Energy Minister, Benjamin Dagadu had early on given an assurance that the ongoing load shedding exercise will end within a month following the completion of the Gas Processing plant in Atuabo.

He said: “If we get the full complement of all the gas we need, within a month, we can be processing Ghana Gas to generate electricity… the load shedding will reduce if not eliminated. I can confirm that.”

But speaking to Citi News, the Planning and Business Development Manager at the VRA, Kofi Ellis said there are other technical factors that will affect power distribution and not only the production of gas from the Atuabo plant.

He said: “If the Minister says in a months’ time they will be seeing some breathing space, he has a point there but the situation is not just fuel. We can have fuel but the machine should be available to use the fuel.”

Power producers in the country have been struggling to meet the requisite power needs for industries, businesses and homes in the country despite various interventions by government.

Nonetheless, the President is optimistic that ongoing measures being put in place will resolve the power crisis.