I Am Coming Back Into The Music Scene But This Time As A Decent Girl – Lousika

Lousika, aka the boss chick had a break from the music scene when she got married and gave birth recently. She has plans of coming back to do music again.

When she was asked about her plans for her second coming, she talked about her marriage, maturity, family and her indecent ways from way back. In her own words she said and we quote;
I would sometimes miss my days on stage but through the journey in my music career, I have come to realise that, one aspect of my personal style that became a source of worry to my fans was the costumes I wore to perform.

I exposed too much flesh, they say, but things will be different this time around. I want them to know that when I return, it will be a different me.

I have been married for 15 months and now a mother to a seven- week- old baby girl so I see things differently now. I have gotten to the point where I think of my daughter and husband anytime I want to do anything. Marriage has changed me,” she told Showbiz over the phone last Monday from her base in France.

I took this decision when I got married. I found out that, life was no more about me so I quickly had to adapt to my new status and change quickly to meet the status quo society has set for married women.

Anytime I want to make a decision, I think of the respect I have for my husband and how the negative comments I used to receive when I was single would affect him and my child. I do not want to hurt them so I have to change and this change includes my costumes for performances. I am no more a rebel.