“I think Kwaw Kese was wrong, he should be punished” - Fresh Prince

Speaking on The Zone with Naa Ashorkor, group member Coded said the ‘King of the Streets’ should have been more responsible knowing he was a public figure.

“I’m being very realistic about it and I feel it’s not cool as Kwaw Kese is a big star here in GH and a lot of kids look up to him…. We should all learn from it so that we don’t [make] that mistake,” he said.

“They should free him! Okay he smoked wee, are they going to keep him in prison for the rest of his life?”

When asked if he was justifying Kwaw’s actions, Planet said the embattled celebrity is not the only Ghanaian artiste who smokes or performed under the influence of narcotic substances.

“As celebrities we have every right to do the things we do to entertain but it’s up to parents to make sure your kids don’t go wayward.”

Fresh Prince on the other hand was torn between condemning Kwaw Kese and justifying his actions.

“I think I’m in between these guys. I think he was wrong, he should be punished and they should be lenient on him."

YFMOnline with additional quotes from StarrFMOnline