M.anifest: “There is an abundance of dishonesty” in Ghana’s Music Industry

Someway Bi rapper, M.anifest, took to twitter to drop a few gems for all the dreamers hoping to make a name in Ghana’s creative realm.

After dropping visuals for his Obrafuor featured No ShortCut To Heaven weeks ago, the rapper believes artists in Ghana don’t have the luxury of being solely artists.

Here’s a few of his tweets;

“I don't know so much but I know a little. So to my young sistren and bredren coming up in the creative realm in Ghana here goes nothing...”- @manifestive

“On this side we don't have the luxury of being solely artists. Being an entrepreneur as well is just about necessary...” - @manifestive

“There is an abundance of dishonesty in the creative realm. Be thorough and find out as much as you can. The truth is elusive but e dey...”- @manifestive

“Please leave your sense of entitlement in a dark hole and never find it again. Nobody owes you anything because you're a good artist...”- @manifestive

“Having integrity will slow you someway bi but you will sleep well at night...” - @manifestive

“Forget all I just told you. k. thx. bai... - @manifestive