Meet the girl making millions because she looks like Rihanna

Some doppelgängers have all the fun.

A 22-year-old Boston woman by the name of Andele Lara was blessed with great genes. Not only is she beautiful, but she is a spitting image of Rihanna, and that has proven to be pretty beneficial when it comes to making some money (we'll explain).

Lara tells The Daily Mail during an interview, "The comments started in my sophomore year. My friend had a magazine with Rihanna on the cover. He held it up to my face and was like, ‘You look like her!'"

However, as RiRi's fame grew, so did the amount of people mistaking Lara for the celeb. Nowadays, she's mobbed by screaming fans and sought after by brands interested in capitalizing on her similar appearance, which has prompted Lara to become a professional Rihanna look-alike.

"I know I could happily give up my part-time job and studies to have a career as a Rihanna lookalike," Lara told the Daily Mail.

She says she's paid $20,000 by clothing companies to endorse their products, and has also landed contracts to promote sneakers, mascara, and hair accessories with very little effort.

The one thing that hasn't happened yet—actually meeting Rihanna, but the pair did have a little introduction on social media.

A fan once unknowingly posted an image of Lara on Instagram with the caption, "Rare pic of Rihanna," obviously not knowing any better, and it caught Rih's attention. She commented on it "OH?!," causing hundreds of followers and some nasty comments to blow up Lara's Instagram feed (which is now private).

Still, Lara is waiting for that golden opportunity to come face-to-face with her twin. "I would love to meet RiRi and take a selfie with her!"