Power crisis may end May 2015

The power crisis which has wreaked havoc for ordinary Ghanaians and businesses in the country throughout the year is likely to end by May next year.

Deputy Energy Minister John Jinapor made this known when he briefed Parliament today on the energy challenges in the country.

He told MPs government is on course to eliminate the deficit in the power sector.

 Elton Brobbey reported the Deputy Minister as saying the country’s power generators would have all their plants which are shut down for planned and unplanned maintenance come on stream as soon as possible to reduce the deficit in power generation.

In addition, he said government expects 110 megawatts of power by the end of the year following the completion of the TICO expansion project.

The Kpong Thermal Power Project with the capacity to produce 220 megawatts of power would be available in the first quarter of 2015, Mr. Jinapor said.

He also stated that a power ship with the capacity to produce 450 megawatts has been engaged by government, and the company would be responsible for the importation of their own crude oil to power the thermal plants in the second quarter of 2015.

Government is also in talks with independent power producers to construct more plants, he said, adding that with the coming on stream of the Atuabo gas project and the West African Gas Pipeline, government is confident the deficit in power generation will be reduced to the minimum, if not eliminated.