Read: Lydia Forson's letter to President Mahama

“I hardly talk politics, mostly because it is hard to have an intellectual conversation with anyone without sentiments getting involved.

In this country even the church you go to determines what party you belong to(Stupid).

But today I’m going in, because my lights have been off since Sunday and I’m bored, frustrated and need to let out some steam or I’ll lose it.

First of all people need to just chill with all these political parties who have one interest and one interest alone… THEMSELVES.

They don’t care about us, they care about how quickly they can either get into power or retain power for their own selfish purposes.

And majority of their followers are equally self centered.

YOU know yourselves;

Mr. I’m constantly ranting or complaining about one thing or the other, in the hopes that I will further push the notion that party A isn’t doing well as a government so party B needs to take over.

And Mrs.My party can never go wrong, even when they’ve f’d up i will continue to support them.
Because Mr. and Mrs. have the same agenda to get or retain their party in power so they can enjoy the benefits.

Then there are the “Facebook” protestors, who always have something to say about every single topic, even the ones that don’t make any sense. They wait for an issue to pop up, wait for it to makes waves, and then start to post their own analysis about the issue, just to be part of the movement.. Kpa Kpa Kpa.

How about instead of the rant, we actually state specific issues we want to be addressed and add solutions to that.

I will join any movement that seeks to ensure our leaders have a development plan they stick to, one that must continue even when a new party is sworn in. One we can go on the streets and know EXACTLY what we’re fighting for.

Let’s fight for basic amenities like, Water, ELECTRICITY,Roads, Hospitals..just basic things. Then we can chip in the other”not so basic” stuff.

Lastly, could someone tell the President to call me? I need to ask him a few questions, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. After all not like he’s constantly addressing the nation and telling us what is really going on. It will just be me, it’s a safe zone, I promise not to judge or let the first thing I say be “WTF is going on with you and WTF can you fire people”. No I wouldn’t do that, I promise on my honor.

On that note, I’m going back no ELECTRICITY life. FYI, family planning officers have to be Alert, a lot of babies will be made during this period… Nothing kills boredom better than…. a cold shower after.

If you’re offended by this, then I’m talking to you.”

-Lydia Forson