Read Sarkodie, Samini, Wanlov and other Celeb Reactions to Kwaw Kese'sArrest

Mad Time Entertainent rapper Kwaw Kese is in the firm gribs of the law for smoking a substance the police believe is cannabis. 
People under the spotlight including Sarkodie, Wanlov and Samini have voiced out their stand on Twitter and Facebook.
Here is what we have gathered thus far;

"They Can't Stop the Weed of Wisdom. Kwaw Kese #JahNoSleep#Nolongtalk" # - Iwan

"I've not heard the NDC and NPP on the arrest of Kwaw Kese oooo. Please who do we blame on this occasion? Nana Prempeh Okogyeabour Leslie Kwaku Aboagye Abraham Ferguson any suggestions? Lol" – A Plus

"Free kwaw kese kos Chris brown didn't get arrested for the same act....GOD IS SIMPLY THE REASON !!!!!!!" – Ephraim

"D3 #Natty de 1roll le tink collect so, wo b3 carry na ak) oo!! #OhAzaay#GhanaPolice #FreeKwawKese" - Kofi Kinaata

"Evryone makes mistake plz free the man insane.. GM" – ChoirMasta of Praye Fame

"My heart dey boil #FreeKwawKese" – @YaaPono

"#FreeKwawKese" - @GHCoptic

"I'm still screaming Free my brother #KWAWKESEthere's countless of men dressed in black with a hat and a AK47 who smoke WEED #FreeKwawKese" -@iamDeeMoneey


"So this kwawkese news is true??? Smh!!! Wow!! Hmmm" - @sarkodie

"Marijuana is illegal worldwide coz a white american said it makes white girls sleep with black men #FollowFollow#FreeKwawKese" - @wanlov

"#FreeKwawkese"- @samini_dagaati

"Kwaw Kesse is equally a star like Chris BrownAm not condoning his actions but am saying if Chris Brown could get away with smoking weed at the stadium in the presence of Ghana police and still got the same police to actually escort him to his aircraft then why are they bothering Kwaw Kesse???Is it not under this same narcotic laws that a fellow woman managed 5 million dollars worth of cocaine without her even been questioned?? (I won't be surprised if she was also escorted by police or a higher force )Pls leave Kwaw Kesse Alone ...or some people got some anti law permits that some of us dont respect urselves n leave Kwaw Kesse alone!!!!# free Kwaw Kesse" – Afia Swarzenegger

"Our prayers goes out to Kwaw Kesse and his family. #SMBH" – BullDog

"Not even a dealer... A mere user and u ridicule him like a murderer mean while High ranking crimes affecting ppls livelihood are happening unchecked.#yourowngocome" - Da Hammer of The Last Two

"I support the "free KwAw kesse movemen!!" – Barima Sydney

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