Ridge Hospital admits guilt in death of 18-year-old after Doctor denied him service

The Ridge Hospital here in Accra has admitted it is to blame for the death of 18 year old Benjamin Amartey, who was turned away by a doctor there.

committee set up to investigatethe death of the boy has faulted health officials for delaying in attending to him. Benjamin died last month.

His father, Joshua Amartey had told JOYNEWS he rushed his son to the hospital at dawn after he became severely ill with food poisoning.

He said they were turned away by the doctor on duty who told them he was tired and could not attend to his son.

He stated that the doctor on duty did not even give his son any first aid, except to ask them to go and return later in the day, by which time another doctor would have reported to work.

Mr Nartey said he took his son back home but had to return to the hospital when the boy's situation got worse. He died shortly after.

The family then lodged a complaint with the hospital authorities who then began investigations into the matter.

After investigations, hospital authorities say those supposed to attend to the boy on the fateful day erred in the discharge of their duty.

Dr Emmanuel Obeng-Apori Medical Director of the Ridge Hospital said: "Circumstantial evidence is too heavy. We can't deny [it]. We have accepted whatever happened in good faith. We have apologised profusely, garguantanly, that we are sorry for what happened,"

The doctor said they will take steps to ensure what happened never recurs.

They are now waiting for recommendations from the Medical and Dental Council to take action.

Meanwhile, the father of the 18 year old boy says the family has been vindicated by the investigative report.

He said the hospital has indeed apologised to them. He feels sad but admits there is very little he can do now.