Tiffany’s Ex-boyfriend Speaks on their Leaked tape

Speaking to Neat FM’s Akwasi Aboagye, Itz Tiffany’s ex, Frank Kwame Gambrah has revealed he was not married to the Spannerhitmaker like it’s out there;

“I know a bit about Ghana. I wasn’t born in Ghana but I have Ghanaian background. Tiffany is my baby mama. We had a child together seven years ago. We weren’t married. I have never been married. But I understand in Ghana, if you get someone pregnant then you have to doing the knocking so I had to do something to shield her when she became pregnant. But the way I know marriage where you have to be in church and sign papers, so that’s not true.”

“I have seen the videos. I am the gentleman in the video because I shot the videos. But I did that as personal stuff, and at that point I was in a relationship with her. So it was personal stuff and I never put it out there. I will never do something like that. I have got a kid with her. I love my kid and there’s no way I will do that. And it’s even ridiculous that she will think that.”

The 37 year old man believes the Off the Ground artist is after the hype with this whole tape issue because he thinks:

“its media frenzy stuff for her and she has to get someone to blame. Forget about her as a person, but I’m also in the video and wouldn’t do that to myself. The cursing video was about the point the relationship ended but up to that point we were still dating that’s why that video was shot.”

On how the video got out, Frank who was locked up at some point revealed he was the only one who had the video and that he left his stuff with his family.

“When I was in Ghana, I was going through my own situation then I left my stuff with my family. I was upset with myself and family when I saw it, but I just think people are putting it out to get to her. But I didn’t put them out.”

Here's the audio