Woman arranges husband's murder, rewards killers with sex

A mum-of-five arranged to have her disabled husband murdered - then had a THREESOME with his killers.

Evil Joanna Grabowsk has been sentenced to life in jail after plotting the death of her charity worker husband Piotr.

Jacek Pawalak and Lukasz Kaminski pounced on wheelchair-bound Piotr then strangled him with a belt, a court heard.

Grabowski, 30, wanted Piotr dead because he refused her demands to allow her to bring a lover back to their home in Olsztyn, Poland.

And a court heard how she had sex with both his killers immediately after the savage murder.

Grabowski met caring Piotr while he was a member of the Catholic aid charity Caritas – a group that was financially supporting the mum and her five children.

They married a short while later and despite Piotr becoming a stepfather to her children, Joanna began seeing other people.

It was then she told her husband, who was confined to a wheelchair, that she had met another man and wanted to bring him to the family home.

Piotr refused leaving scheming Joanna to arrange for her lover Pawalak, 42, and his pal Kaminski, 31, to murder her husband.

The pair struck when the charity worker went out to a nearby park one day for some fresh air.

Joanna called the men, who were waiting in a bush, on her mobile phone and told them her husband was coming.

As tragic Piotr came past, the two men leapt out, dragged their terrified victim from his wheelchair and strangled him with a belt.

A court in Poland was told how Joanna then invited the men back to the house, while her husband lay dead in the park.

Piotr’s body was discovered by passers-by who noticed his empty chair and found him lying dead close-by.

The trio’s plot was unravelled by police who poured through phone records before finally extracting a confession.

Joanna was jailed for 25 years and her five children have been taken into care.

Pawalak and Kaminski will be sentenced after pending reports.

Source: Mirror.co.uk