AUDIO: "Return my tithes or face court action"- Accra Man threatens church

An irate and disappointed middle aged man has demanded that his church refund his past contributions, including tithes, or else face court action.

The middle aged man claims his Accra-based church refused to assist him, in a period during which he faced extreme financial difficulties.

The disappointed man insists that his contributions to the church, which cover a period of fifteen (15) years, should have afforded him some reprieve in his time of trouble.

However, he claims the one place where he expected to find help turned a blind eye on his predicament and his pleas for help fell on deaf ears.

He has decided to move to a new church which would be more willing to assist its members but before he leaves, he says he wants the church to pay back every cedi he has ever paid into their coffers.

“I want them to pay me all the money I have given to them since I started churching [fellowshipping] with them.

His demands are not restricted to donations and collection however. The frustrated man insists that even the tithes he paid over the fifteen (15) year period should be returned to him.

“Everything. Donations, everything they should refund my money to me. The tithes I am paying is not going to God, it’s going to one particular person and that is the pastor. It is not going to God, it is going to the pastor.”

The peeved man insists that the money he paid should still be in the church coffers and that the money “can never fly”.

I want them to give me my money, he reiterated. “If they do not give me back my money, I will take them to court!”.

Listen to the man below:

- Source: Ghana | | Maame Aba Daisie |