Iwan Blasts Bulldog and Shatta Wale . "They want to bring me down"

The Thanks and Praises singer on Facebook posted a photo together with a message to his distractors, label boss and friend - Shatta Wale.

It all started By my own Manager Sabotaging my Image and Making The industry and my fans believe I was an Evil Person...  
Followed By My Friend Dissing my Mother in a song .. 

Evilous People Conspired to Paint me Black by spreading Rumors that am not a Muslim and Don't Pray .. 

Some said I compare Haile Selassie to Mohammed (PBUH). 

So much Effort they putting out just to bring me Down.. But Am Heavier and Stronger than Them. 

They can have billions Of Soldiers at their back, I have only One Man and He is Allah, Jah , the Creator .. 

All they know is to insult me on my Page. 
And that's pure #Illiteracy ... 

When I came to Nima to.perform to the.Zongo community, they conspired to Distract me.whiles I was on stage still .. 
Oh God, How long would u be thinking Evil for #IWAN. They forget so.soon.. 

Am not moved an Inch. Cos I Realised am A Big Threat since Day One when I Entered the Industry. 

They sit and discuss Me .. But I sit and think about my Future ..#NoBoyCanKillWeUnlessAllah