"Joyce Mensah tested HIV positive in 2007" - AIDS Commission

The Ghana AIDS Commission has countered claims by a famous HIV Campaigner, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah that she has never tested HIV positive.

Ms. Mensah on Monday shocked the nation by claiming that she is HIV negative. She had for years been the face of the country’s campaign against the disease and the stigmatization associated with it.

But in an interview granted Joy FM, Miss Mensah said it was all a lie; She has never tested HIV positive.

But the Ghana AIDS Commission says she tested positive in 2007.

Read the full statement issued by the Commission:

In 2011, the Ghana AIDS Commission embarked on a campaign to reduce stigma and discrimination suffered by persons living with HIV in order to provide a human face to HIV.

The “Heart to Heart” Campaign was started with three persons living with HIV; Rev John Azumah, Ms Gifty Torkonoo and Ms Joyce Dzidzor Mensah.

The key requirements for “Heart to Heart” Ambassador duty, was for the person to be HIV positive, and on treatment. The person should also have been an advocate, voluntarily, on HIV-related issues in their communities with focus on HIV prevention, treatment and reduction of stigma and discrimination.

The evidence of their HIV status was documented at the various health centres they accessed treatment. Additionally, they were all registered members of NAP+ Ghana, the Network of Persons Living with HIV. These individuals were extensively engaged by legal, psycho-social and communication consultants prior to their going public.

Joyce has been a member of NAP+ since 2007.

Miss Joyce Dzidzor Mensah was recruited as one of the Ambassadors at the start of the campaign. She was recruited specifically, to promote HIV messages in the area of Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV. She signed a contract with the Ghana AIDS Commission in August 2011. However, on the 12th of November, 2012 the Ghana AIDS Commission formally terminated the contract with Joyce Dzidzor Mensah on account of breach of her terms of contract.

Unfortunately, she failed to respond or engage with the Commission for full exit debrief. On a number of occasions, Joyce had failed to honour her duties related to the “Heart to Heart” Campaign after agreeing to honour those programmes; she failed to appear without prior notice to her colleagues or the coordinators of the campaign; she rather chose to use the time to pursue her personal interest such as a musical project within the first two years of the campaign; which was in breach of her contract.

The “Heart to Heart” Campaign is still an active campaign with four current Ambassadors who are Rev John Azumah, Mrs. Gifty Torkonoo (Degbeh), Mrs Lydia Azumah and Ms. Charity Owusu-Danso. Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has not been part of this campaign since December 2012. She has made several claims on various platforms but has been unable to substantiate any of these to date.

The Commission therefore sees no need to directly respond to some of these claims. To the extent that her latest statements compromise the National response, we wish to respond as follows:

1. By the National HIV and AIDS Policy and the ethics that govern the health profession, details of Joyce’s health status cannot be shared with the public.

2. There is evidence to support her initial claim of being HIV positive since 2007 and she has been benefitting from antiretroviral therapy from health facilities in Accra.

3. She was terminated on grounds that were fully explained and formally communicated to her

4. The remaining Ambassadors remain committed and active under the flagship of “Heart to Heart” Campaign and continue to work effortlessly to achieve the goals of this campaign.

The Commission will nevertheless invite Ms Joyce Dzidzor Mensah to further investigate and clarify her claims in order to inform any subsequent interventions.

Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com