"Let me be! Our Standards Aren't The Same" - Nikki Samonas to Deputy Minister

Actress Nikki Samonas has responded to the Deputy Minister for Culture, Tourism and Creative Arts, Dzifa Abla Gomashie for taken a swipe at her for revealing that she exposes her boobs to be in the news.

“I will wear anything I feel like wearing because I’m comfortable with myself. My standards might not be somebody else’s standard; so I am very comfortable in my skin. And I will wear anything I feel like wearing because that’s what makes me happy and my happiness is the most important thing to me in my universe. And I will repeat the dress whenever I feel like doing so."

The Greek-Ghanaian actress continued:

“I think she [Deputy Minister] misunderstood me and the fact that I’m not fully Ghanaian doesn’t mean I can’t wear anything I want. Whether I’m Ghanaian or not, I’m human and as a human being if I feel comfortable to wear something I will wear it... if it feels right for me at that particular place, time, event, I surely will. So whether I’m half caste, white or down caste; I’m not really perturbed by what people are going to say about what I wear."

“Because my Happiness is my choice and that choice is the most important thing to me. My family supports it, my boyfriend supports it, everybody is okay and they are very supportive. I don’t think my family would allow me to go and remove expose my ass for people to come talk about it.
“I think she shouldn’t judge at all because I believe when she was young as I am now I'm sure there may have been times when she wore clothes like I did. I always believe if you think you are not a sinner, then cast the first stone. If you think you have not done stuff before then cast the first stone.
"I don’t think anybody is in the position to judge, you may advise because your standards might be different from mine. But then again I hate to hear judgment from anybody. Because everybody has passed through a life time and they have done things that suited them right the time they did it. So I believe when time changes, people change I don’t think we move to what use to be."

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