Photos: Horace Ankrah punishes Trotro driver

The Kasoa – Madina bound Trotro driver got the shock of his life when the man he perceived as an ordinary man challenging his style of driving meted a press up punishment on him when he drove into his lane at Kata Hotel near Kwashieman .

Horace Nii Ayi Ankrah, Chairman of the defunct, Events, Grounds and Logistics Sub-Committee of the Brazil 2014 World Cup Committee, ordered the driver to park his car and do the pressups right in front of his car in the street.

Kwesi, the Trotro driver was driving a sprinter mini bus with registration number GR 5264 14 from Madina to Kasoa on Saturday evening.

He however decided to compete with other drivers over passengers standing at various bus stops and therefore started entering other lanes without considering vehicles coming from behind.

Not even constant rebukes by other drivers deterred him from his recklessness.

The driver kept on insulting anyone who complained about his careless driving till Horase Ankrah crossed his car and ordered him down.

He first asked the driver if he should be sent to a nearby police station or to do some press ups but, the driver agreed on the later.

Horace Ankrah’s action generated a heated argument between the passengers.

While some condemned his action saying it was tantamount to abuse of power, others praised him.

Kwesi, who looked so tired after the session said he initially thought he [Mr Ankrah] was just joking with him but was compelled to obey the order after he realised the seriousness in his demeanor.

Has he learnt any lesson?

He also indicated that the vehicle owner had advised him not challenge road safety personnel when arrested.


-Source: Ghana | | David Andoh