UK Cocaine Saga: "Possible Sentence Of 16yrs Awaits Nayele" - Former UK Prosecutor

Former Ghanaian United Kingdom Prosecutor, Lawyer Godwin Agyei Gyamfi says possible sentence for the busted Ghanaian-Austrian cocaine lady Nayele Ametefe will not be more than 16 years imprisonment.

According to him, the Judges at Isleworth Crown Court will base their sentence on the blame worthy of the offender and the role she played in the whole saga as the Judges will bring to fore whether her role was leading, significant or lesser in the drug trade.

Assessing Nayele Ametefe’s case, the former UK Prosecutor said she played a leading role in the drug trade and that will compel the judges to consider the harm of her action; thus she will be put in category one in terms of considering the harm.

Speaking on Okay Fm’s Ade Akye Abia Morning Show, Lawyer Godwin Agyei Mensah asserted that Nayele Ametefe’s sentence will range from between 12 and 16 years as she was arrested on cocaine.

He however pinpointed that in determining her sentence, the judges will look at the weight and purity of the drugs and if it is establish that the weight and purity of the cocaine is high, she will be looking close to 16 years.

He further stated that despite the weight and purity of the drug, Nayele Ametefe will have a reduced sentence for pleading guilty as the available opportunity in UK law will give her one fair discount of her sentence.

“……and so the possible sentence she can get will be between 12 and 16 years but in determining the sentence, they will look at the weight and purity of the drugs. If the purity is is very high, it means you can produce more drugs out of it and spread it further. When the weight and purity are high, she is looking close to 16 years……by pleading guilty, the available opportunity the UK law will give her is one fair discount of her sentence; whatever sentence, the figures will be reduced by virtue of the fact that she has pleaded guilty”, he explained.

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