A Review From The Corner: 2.0 Album By TH’FRVNCHMVN

TH’FRVNCHMVN (The Frenchmen) is a rap/spoken band and after conducting a certain research they’re Africa’s First Rap Band. They released their debut studio album titled 2.0 last month and it’s receiving massive support. The thoughts I have concerning this album are sincere (I beg don’t chew me ow. Allow.)
The album begins with View From The Eiffel; a poem by member of the band; Nelson Da Poet. The poem has Nelson talking about his journey, on which, his “Notepad and Shanghai” pen are “proving to be fruitful”. He finally finds himself viewing the world from the Eiffel. The 1:47 poem ends with an excerpt of a Pastor thanking God for guiding us to witness the end of the year and wishing his listeners a happy new year, all in the Twi Language. I found it quite amusing (not because it’s in twi). I found several reasons on why that particular excerpt was used. Hope you also find them when you get the album.
Glory Days has them embracing the days coming ahead and having fun with the beat with some “roshing” here and there. Hearing it got me thinking of a video with N.O (a member of the band) wearing Ray Ban
Sunglasses in a club scene sitting between the “Glory Babes”. It’s a song for the clubs. One can dance along with all the dance moves he/she can think of. It’s been adjudged by some of their fans as one of the best songs on the album. Do I agree? Hmmm… Do you? Get it and tell me.
Power Within reminds me of G.O.O.D Music’s Mercy but it’s got an African touch. Another difference is it’s a song against corrupt African leaders (Oh I forgot to tell you; they’re also activists). Great song. A video will boost it.
Another poem on the album; ‘Blood Of Our Fathers” also by Nelson, takes us back to the arrival of the Europeans on our land. A story about the slaves of today and yesterday. It’s one of the best poems I’ve ever heard. “Chained from head to toe like I was Dada Boat” is one of the best lines though I laughed a bit. That line brought back memories.
Denny, MARS and N.O really gave us some bars on the Denny and Nel Magnum produced “We Frvnch (We French)”, which samples elements of different songs, rhythmic screams, shouts, chanting and a speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. which serves as the intro. I can’t tell who amazed me most. They all impressed me (but pass me your opinion on who killed it after listening to the album). Nelson ends the song with a poem explaining why they’re Frvnch and I quote “… For we are; a distinct clan of urban artistry, prepare to be stunned by the charms of our melodies all the way from Paris..” unquote. That song is a five star song for me.
An interlude by Denny titled The Fella’s Kuti passes by and blows my mind! A beat which samples elements from Fela Kuti‘s “Ako“. The trumpets and Fela’s voice make the song appealing, not forgetting lines like “I’m standing up for my rights. Nig** screw the left. What is left is for the mice.” which complements the track. Denny tells his haters he’s not here to joke at all.
“My name is Fiifi freaking Nelson” is what begins the album’s title track; 2.0 but before Nelson proves he’s also good at rapping; a cathedral’s pipe organ can be heard. Denny and MARS give their best on the Odunsi produced beat which has a traces of a trumpets, 808’s, a drums, a bell and a good hook but N.O dropped a certain line that made him shine “… Of course what is Michael Kors? Nothing at all. What is a knob… If prayer is the key and you can still open doors.”. That’s in my list of best lines from the album. One of the stand out songs off the album. It should get a good video. (The sample is revealed at the end of the track and it’s a sample of a song by Osibisa.)
The soulful Nona Hendryx is backed by a poem by Nelson and a piano melody before the beat switches down and a boom bap beat comes up. All the rappers put on a show on the beat but the only guest featured on the album; Hurricane Fizz; proves he deserved to be featured on the album. His a cappella flow and lyrics remind me of the old Eminem. The line by him that caught my attention was “… Poor as Clark Kent but plan on being rich as superman should he go rogue”. He killed it for me.
Meanospeakanoenglish also known as Yenti Ase which means “We don’t understand” is a song for the radio. The Nel Magnum produced track samples elements of an Indian band it seems . A lot of murmuring can be heard as the song’s hook, with backing vocals repeating the twi line; ” Yenti Ase”. The song has a message from the owners of the land telling their colonialists they don’t understand the English Language. A short skit can be heard in the song in which a foreigner is asking for coconuts but the vendors keep repeating ” Yenti Ase”.
The last song on the album; “Love Us” begins with Denny crooning and a group of girls screaming the name of the band. N.O attacked this beat nicely with tears and a story from how they started as individual artistes under the A.G.E team to TH’FRVNCHMVN under Villa Direct. The song ends with an outro by Nelson Da Poet and an audio excerpt of Audrey Zorh and a bevy of girls from the SOS College hyping the band; claiming that TH’FRVNCHMVN are after Sarkodie; also adding that Otumfuor, the Asantehene likes the band. Just couldn’t stop laughing after hearing that.
TH’FRVNCHMVN, according to listeners, sound like the African version of A Tribe Called Quest. I guess it’s due to their energy, confidence, lyrics and beat selection. The huge support from peoples proves that TH’FRVNCHMVN are a force to be reckoned with. Please make way for theRa‘s and not the “New Pharaohs” or get ready to be mummified. Under Villa Direct; their current management label, I think they’ll stand out from the other rappers in Ghana. The album is a classic Hip Hop album. They’re energy and confidence is quite impressive. I’ll give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Vim chale.

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