"I always wanted to be a pilot" - Joselyn Dumas

Ghanaian actress and TV host, Joselyn Dumas has revealed she always wanted to become a pilot but simply lacked the courage to continue when it got to the part of taking her flying lessons.

Speaking in a recent interview with Pulse Ghana, the curvaceous actress said she had the opportunity to proceed with her aim in that regard back in Arizona, the United States but added that the huge money involved was also part of the challenges she faced.

“I wanted to be a pilot, I had an uncle who was a pilot - Uncle Frank Opare, I thought he was the smartest person on earth. I got an opportunity to do a bit of the flying lessons in Arizona but I chickened out; I don’t know why, plus the money was too huge, it was a lot of money.”

The Showdown actress said she later realised it is not all that difficult to become a pilot although she is today well known as a TV host and actress.

“I realised it didn’t take so much to become a pilot. You just have to pay for the lessons really and get the hours in. Obviously the theory aspect of it comes but the main thing is, you need to put in the hours. But I wanted to be a pilot, believe it or not.”

Well, it seems the aviation industry’s loss is the movie industry’s gain as Joselyn Dumas is now one of the most talked-about Ghanaian actresses and TV hosts. She made her film debut in 2009 in the movie, Perfect Pictures.

Culled fromMy Joy Online