"I Don’t Believe In Jesus Christ. His story was made up" - MzBel

Popular Ghanaian musician Belinda Ekua Amoah mostly known as Mzbel, has publicly denounced the existence of Jesus Christ describing the Saviour as a made up story.

According to her, Jesus Chris was made up based on her personal research and that, she doesnt believe in Him.

MzBel said the same Jesus’ story occurred in Egypt 5000 years ago. She explained, Horos a man in Egypt 5000 years ago performed miracles at the age of 12.

Horos was also born by a virgin after the Holy Spirit had visited Horos’ mother just like the Holy Spirit visited Mary, Jesus’ mother.

This story according to her happened 5000 years ago but Jesus Christ’s story happened just 3000 years ago so she doesnt see it to be REAL..

Watch the video below