"I Helped Korkor With Campaign Posters But We Did Not Have An Affair"- Former Minister of Information Asa-B

The third-year student leader-aspirant, who confirmed via a video post on social media that she leaked her own nu-de videos, has published on social media, names of certain prominent male Lawyers and Politicians that allegedly had affairs with her.

She has dared to expose those big men – including ‘Asa B,’ if they failed to redeem their promises made to her. However, Mr Ansah Addo, a regular Guest on Starr 103.5FM’s Morning Zoo programme told host Nii Ayi Tagoe on Saturday February 21, 2015 that the former Minister has sworn to him, upon his direct enquiries that he [Asa B] never had any sexual relationship with the student.

According to Mr Ansah Addo, Mr Asamoah Boateng admits assisting Korkor Addo, with the knowledge of his wife, to print campaign posters ahead of the University’s upcoming student representative council elections.

In the video in which she admitted the leakage, a rather confident and boastful Korkor Addo said: “I won’t do any blame game: nobody paid me nothing. I posted everything myself. I’m not on drugs, they can come and test my blood.”“What is my course? Biomedical and forensic science. Check background before you act!” she added.