PHOTOS: Two St. Paul’s Boys SHS “Homosexuals” Arrested, One Student shot

Two students of St Paul’s Boys High School accused of engaging in homosexual acts, Friday night have been arrested by the police.

The two are assisting in investigation into circumstances that led to chaotic scenes at the school’s premises which led to the death of one of the students.

According to JoyNews,

A police stray bullet hit the head of a first year student said to be among a group of rampaging students who wanted to attack the two alleged homosexuals.
The school was a hotbed of chaos and violence when the angry students turned their fury on some teachers said to be shielding the homosexuals.

They attacked the teacher’s bungalow, shattered the windscreens of cars and destroyed other properties.
The police were called in to restore law and order but the situation degenerated.
In an attempt to disperse the rampaging students, the police fired warning shots, one of which accidentally hit the head of one of the students who has since been confirmed dead.

ASP Cephas Arthur who is with the police Public Relations Directorate confirmed the incident in an interview with Joy News.
He said they received distress calls about the unruly behavior by the students and quickly dispatched personnel to bring calm.
Cephas Arthur said “as to what occasioned the use of firearms” he could not immediately say, except to add that investigations have begun.
The school has been closed down for the meantime to prevent any unsavory repercussion.
It is also not clear yet if the two arrested students will be prosecuted.

- JoyNews