READ: Banks with the worst and best ATM charges in Ghana

Figures from the Bank of Ghana indicate the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB)has the highest ATM charge in the country’s banking industry.

According to the figures which were published by the Bank of Ghana in February 2015, as at December 2014 customers from ADB pay 50 pesewas per an ATM transaction they make.

ADB is followed by Prudential bank which has the second highest ATM charge.

Its customers are charged 40 pesewas for every cash withdrawn using the ATM.

The third bank which charges you the most when you withdraw cash through their ATM is SGSSB at 35 pesewas with GT bank coming in at number four with 30 pesewas for a withdrawal.

Three banks First Bank of Nigeria, Bank of Africa (BOA) and National Investment Bank (NIB) wrestle over the number five position with all of them charging 25 pesewas for an ATM transaction.

While five banks Sahel Sahara Bank (BSIC), Access bank, Cal bank, First Atlantic bank and HFC bank all charge their customers 20 pesewas for every withdrawal made at the ATM machine.

So which banks charge you the least when you make a withdrawal at the ATM.

The least charge comes from Ecobank with a charge of 10 pesewas followed by Zenith bank with a 18 pesewas charge.

Think those charges are low? well wait till you read this and you will realize their efforts are not good enough.

Well it turns out that 10 banks in the country do not charge you at all for an ATM transaction.

The banks are Barclays bank, Standard Charted bank, Stanbic bank, United Bank for Africa (UBA), bank of Baroda, GCB, Universal Merchant bank, UT Bank, Royal bank and First Capital Plus bank.

But if you are yet to see how much your bank charges it appears it falls in the monthly charge category.

That category is filled with a bunch of banks which charge you monthly for the same amount no matter how much or how less you use the ATM.

They are Energy bank which charges you 1 cedi per month for an internal withdrawal and 20 pesewas per external transaction , Fidelity bank for between 1 cedi 50 pesewas and 3 cedis per month while Unibank charges you 1 cedi per month for ATM transactions.