READ: The story behind The Ghanaian Goalkeeper, Razak's Spiderman Toy

We all have what or who inspires us. To goalkeeper Razak, it’s his son and family.

Yesterday, Ghanaian goalkeeper Razak made news after he was spotted kissing a spiderman doll on the pitch during the semi-finals match between Ghana and Equatorial Guinea.

Many fingered him saying that is his “juju” but he has come out to clear the air about the Spiderman doll.

According to Razak, he calls his son Nasser, “Spiderman” and the doll is Nasser’s favorite toy.

 Below is a photo of Razak and Nasser Razak Brimah, his son. So the toy was some sort of inspiration. 

A report by OMGGhana.

Nasser gave the toy to his father as an inspiration tool or good luck charm at the AFCON 2015. Goalkeeper Razak also has his wife and son’s names on his gloves. His wife’s name is Rabiatu.

Razak also took his jersey off to wish his son a happy birthday. Below are photos of Razak’s son Nasser with the Spiderman toy.