Ghana to buy power from Ivory Coast to watch episode of Maricruz

Ghana will purchase another 80MW of power from Ivory Coast to guarantee uninterrupted power supply for the concluding episode of Corazon Indomable- a popular Mexican soap opera renamed Maricruz by Ghanaian fans.

This is believed to be a move to appease non football fans upset by government’s decision to splash out on an 80MW power deal for the sole pleasure of Ghanaian football fans. The hostess of a talk show specially dedicated to the popular telenovela argued that “if football fans deserved 80MW to watch people hurling water bottles onto a pitch, then we [fans of Carozon Indomable] also deserve 80MW” to watch the final episode of their favourite Maricruz- the protagonist of the serial drama show.

Avid watchers of the Corazon Indomable, which translates into English as Wild at Heart, are believed to have pressured authorities into making the decision following government’s earlier decision to purchase 80MW of power from Ivory Coast to ensure football fans in the country enjoyed stable power supply during last night’s semi finals clash between the Black Stars and the Equatorial Guinea national team.

A government official admitted they had erred in thinking football was the opium of all Ghanaians. “Clearly, for these people, Maricruz not football is their opium,” he said. He further stressed government’s readiness to splash on any other activity that has the potential to give Ghanaian an illusory happiness. “We are prepared to spend on anything that will fool Ghanaians into forgetting the harsh realities of dumsor and the myriad of other economic problems.”

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