"It Is Time We Accept Gays" Actress Jasmine Baroudi

The actress in an interview with African Drum said

“My take on it. When I was younger, obviously we were told that gay relationship is wrong, it’s not right … but I‘m still reading a lot and I realized that some people are actually born with those genes in them. Because you can see a guy who is gay and he is so feminine, he can’t help it. I realize it’s in them and there’s nothing you can do but accept it. If a guy and a guy want to marry, fine.
Now, I think that, some of the people are taking it too far, they have lost the concept of gay and lesbianism, they are just doing it for fun, I really don’t know why. But those who are, like I said were born with it, they can’t help it and what are you going to do? Are you going to kill all gay people? Are you gonna ostracize them? What are you gonna do? Nothing! You just have to accept them.
Once they are doing what they have to do in the society, they are not going it on me. I do have friends who are gays and lesbians; I know their partners and they are cool and they don’t bring it on me … maybe some of them, the way they grew up, maybe the kind of information they grew up with made them to be that way. There’s no problem with it.
Like I said, I’m very liberal. I’m very open minded. I have seen a lot, I know a lot and I read a lot. I’m not gonna sit here and criticize no gay and lesbian people… Two guys gonna get married and so what? Some guys are genuinely not attracted to girls, no matter what you do.
A girl can get naked in front of a guy and the guy will not respond. What are you going to do to him? You can’t force him to get married to a woman if he’s attracted to another man and they are happy. They are making their own money, what’s your own? It shouldn’t bother you. I hope they are doing it for the right reasons and not just having fun.”