KALYBOS Was Arrested In China For Breaking Their Law!

Following his recent rise to stardom, the one and only "BOSS" with one "S", Richard Asante decided to shot some of his funny skits in far away lands and guess where he landed china with things not going as smooth as he usually vibes ahuof3 patri.

The celebrated comic actor, Richard Asante, popularly known as Kalybos was arrested in China some weeks ago for breaking one of the laws in China. Kalybos, who initially thought it was a joke when the China police grabbed him for breaking the law right before them. With tears in his eyes, as if they were about to cause a flood if it touched, murmured some Chinese language he never imagined he could even speak, supposedly asking the police why he had been arrested. He was then taken to the police station where his offence was made known to him. But then, he was not the only one arrested, his manager and producer for the popular Boys Kasa skits was also arrested for the same offence. 

In order, to determine the validity of the news from sources a phone call was made to Kofi Asamoah, who doubles as manager and producer of Kalybos. In the phone call, he stated” Yes, it’s indeed true, we never expected this piece of news to be exposed like this, but then, the good news is that, it was not for any criminal offence like stealing or anything” He further revealed ” You know we’ve shot our first ever movie and we shot some of the scene in China, and it was during one of our shots at a particular location, that Kalybos and I got arrested” “ Our offence was that, we did not have an escort and per their regulations, they have for visitors, we had not taken the necessary action. We had the permit to shoot alright, but there was a festival ongoing at this particular location and we wanted to shoot something with it, and that was when the police came in, simply because we did not have a Chinese escort” the manger was also asked, if Kalybos was kept in cells and he told us that, they were released after some few minutes, after they had explained everything to the police.Kofi Asamoah further mentioned ," it will be interesting to know that, the Chinese people loved Kalybos and we are sealing a deal there anytime very soon” Well, Ghana’s most popular comic actor now, was not kept in cells, it would have been bad for him. Imagine Chinese mosquitoes biting him. It could make him even crazier than he is now. Kalybos’s first ever movie “Kalybos In China” which was shot in Dubai, China and Ghana is set to be premiered on the 3rd of April, 2015 at the Silverbird Cinema at West Hills and Accra Mall. Tickets will be out soon.