KNUST level 300 Mechanical Engineering students involved in a motor accident

Some third year students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) sustained various degrees of injuries Friday afternoon when a bus they were traveling on was involved in an accident on the Accra – Kumasi road.

 The students were returning to Kumasi from a field trip in Accra when one of the three buses they were traveling on crashed at the back of a petrol tanker truck. Speaking to myJCR., a student (name withheld) who was on the bus involved in the accident narrated that all third year students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering had traveled to Accra on Monday for a field trip and took off from Accra around 9:30am to Kumasi on Friday.

 On their way back to Kumasi, the one of the buses attempted over-taking a petrol tanker truck in front of them but the bus driver sensed danger ahead thus pulled back to the back of the petrol tanker truck which by then was slowing down. This resulted in the bus crashing into the back of the petrol tanker truck.

The wounded student continued that their damaged bus started moving backwards after the heavy collision but the bus driver managed to stop the car off the road. Due to the abrupt stop and smoke that started coming out of the bus, the students became alarmed thus started screaming and escaping through the window.

Many of the students on the bus got injured in the process but the main injuries were as a result of the collision that threw students forward to collide with seats infront of them. The injuries ranged from leg injuries and various degrees of cuts around the mouth and eye regions. The injured students were sent to the Juaso District Hospital for first aid before they were transferred to the KNUST Hospital for medical care.

At the time reporters arrived at the KNUST Hospital around 7:00pm same day, helmets and uniforms of some of the injured students could be seen at the OPD as the doctor and nurses on duty were busy attending to the many wounded students. The lecturers who accompanied the students to the field trip together with other lecturers and students of the Department who had heard about the sad incident were seen at the OPD to comfort the wounded students. No life was lost as a result of the accident but one student was said to have been critically wounded.