READ: Davido’s Ex Ghanaian Girlfriend In An “InstaFight” With Ice Prince’ Ghanaian Girlfriend

Davido’s ex-girlfriend Nish Kards  a Ghanaian, and Maima, Killbeatz ex-girlfriend who is currently Ice Prince main chick. 

The two girls have a lot in common, they are both light skinned, beautiful and have dated stars in the past like Davido, Wizkid, Killbeatz, Ice Prince etc.

Nish Kards used Nicki Minaj’s first verse of her song “Only” to address rumors that she never slept with Davido nor Wizkid, followers decided to taunt her with questions.

“Yo, I never f*ked Davido, I never f*ked Wizkid. On my life, man, fuck’s sake”. She posted

Nish Kards proceeded to take shots at fellow Ghanaian beauty Maima Nkewa, Maima couldn’t hold her cool but react to Nish Kard’s claims.

See the conversation below. The socialite business is booming .. Sigh!