READ: Ataa Ayi tells his side of the story; claims he was framed

We bring you the interview @THEKojoYankson had with former armed robber, Ataa Ayi. Read below

"I was born in Adabraka. I started school but my mother travelled to the UK. Under the influence of friends, i dropped out", Ataa Ayi stated. I sold coconuts with friends and later started work as a mechanic, then I became a driver. I had an accident with my car and my friend offered me a job as a driver on an operation. I didn't know it was a robbery operation.
I got involved in "Car boot". That's when someone follows you from the bank and robs you when you park. All I did was drive the car.  When I started the life of crime, I left my family.
I wasn't too good with handling the gun. I was just a driver. I have never shot anyone, Ataa Ayi continued.
With the armed robbery, you either go to prison,die or succeed.We preferred to think positive-that we'd succeed & come home safely.
I used the money I made from robbery to help people-paying school fees etc. I wished I had a more legitimate means of helping them

When I entered prison, I got to know that in all things , God first. I now have to obey all God's commandments.
I would like to engage in acting so people would know how crime is really carried out & how bad it is.
If I come out of prison, I would like to be a great pastor

I regret what I have done. I have repented from all my sins. The Kingdom of the Lord is near & can come at any time.

I felt bad about not being able to attend my mother's funeral. I have brought disgrace upon myself and my family.
I've seen my dad wife only twice since I've been locked up. I don't know what's happening with her. I don't want to think about it
I would like to tell my children "May God richly bless them. I pray that soon, one day, I'll be out & I shall be with them"

The Justice For All programme is misleading. It should include all prisoners, not just remand prisoners
I'd like to appeal to the government that they at least allow us to cook at Ankaful. The Ghc1.80 per day we're fed on isn't enough.
At Nsawam Prison, I was comfortable. We jogged, cooked & did whatever we wanted until we were locked up again.
I have a lot of respect for the prisons officers. They are my father and mother over here.
I was framed for the robberies because no one cared about me enough to speak up. If I was the child of a minister, i doubt I wouldn't have gotten such a large sentence.
I was arrested when my sister's daughter reported me to police for beating her.I hit her because what she did wasn't right. The accounts of those who testified against me were largely false but the judge still decided to convict me.
While in police custody, someone said they were better off killing me. I was tortured into writing a statement & signing documents. DCOP Kofi Boakye put a talisman on my neck. I had been arrested. What could I do? Whenever I opened my mouth, I was tortured.
It's not up to me to say I've changed. Those around me will see and recommend me for amnesty.
I slept with handcuffs on for one week.

I still pray and have hope that one day, I'll get out of prison.
I was happy when I was put in prison because I might have been killed if I was outside.I was however unhappy with the sentence.
DCOP Kofi Boakye gave me the name Ataa Ayi. I would like DCOP Kofi Boakye to come and visit me. He saved my life by bringing me here. May God richly bless him -Ataa Ayi

ASP Nana Oppong Ababio, CID Crime Officer of the Greater Accra Regional Police Department responded with this:
Before Ataa Ayi's arrest, his other accomplice was arrested and gave his name as Ataa Ayi or Baba
I was one of the people who arrested Ataa Ayi. He got injured because of the scuffle that ensued
Ataa Ayi was handcuffed in transit because he's a hardened criminal. I'm not aware of him wearing them for a whole week.

He has been sentenced to 160years behind bars