“Fuel price increments surprising to us all”- Deputy Minister

Deputy Transport Minister Joyce Bawa Mogtari says a 9 per cent hike in fuel prices has "come as a huge surprise to us all."

Speaking to Joy News, the Deputy Minister said the hikes have come as a result of government's implementation of the deregulation policy.

A few things have also changed; prices of importation, prices of crude have inched up slightly. This has called for a review of the current rates and prices of petroleum products," she added.

Her comments, Sunday, were to officially confirm the Myjoyonline.com report about a  9 per cent fuel price, Saturday night.

Per the new prices petrol will be selling at 3 Ghana cedis 33 pesewas per litre  up from the current price of  3 Ghana Cedis 5 pesewas.

Diesel  will also be selling at  3 Ghana cedis  24 pesewas up from the old price of  2 Ghana cedis 97 pesewas per litre.

A kilogram of  LPG  is expected to be sold at  2 Ghana cedis  88 pesewas from the old price of  2 Ghana cedis  64 pesewas.  

MGO Local is also expected to  go up  from  2 Ghana cedis 71 pesewas  to 2 Ghana cedis  96 pesewas.

The new prices have come as a shock to some commercial drivers who claim they were not informed before the announcements were made.

The Deputy Transport Minister however said government had been engaging with commercial drivers over the years.

She said the sector minister will convene a meeting with the executives of the commercial transport associations in order to fix prices that will be accepted by all.

She said by Wednesday new prices will be provided to the commercial drivers.

She said government is working very hard to reduce the burden of the price hikes on the people.

"Government is working very hard to provide  alternative means of transport" to commuters she indicated.