JOB OPENING: Google is looking for a new Doodler

The Google Doodler: it's a job that's probably more fun than yours, and it's open.

Google is looking to hire a graphic designer for a position it calls "Doodler." That person will work with a team to create the image on Google's homepage that changes almost daily, often to celebrate a holiday or highlight a historical event.

Over the years the team has created more than 2,000 Doodles. They've become the first thing some people check in the morning, and are often the topic of water-cooler conversation. It's meant to delight, inform and surprise people, the company said in the job posting, which went up Monday.

The new Doodler will be tasked with pitching and creating the homepage images. The company is looking for someone with experience in illustration, graphic design, character animation, motion graphics, 3D modeling or game design.

As a Doodler, you'll have a huge platform to showcase your skills, sense of humor, love of historical things, and imaginative artistry, according to the Google job post.

By Katie Lobosco @KatieLobosco